Product Overview

For 10", 12", 13", 14" & 16" models.

Remote Swing-Auger - Electric
The new line of electric power movers from Farm King allow remote positioning of the swing auger hopper and remote operation of the swing transport hoist. The system is 100% electric and with no hydraulic flow required the hoppers can be positioned for use or lifted into transport position without the need to start and idle the tractor first. The remote boasts a range of 300+ feet, and can operate in extreme weather, heat and cold. The mover’s drive motors mount to the hopper body itself, putting the weight of the self-leveling hopper and the grain on the tires for excellent traction. Each drive motor is independently driven so both tires will always have equal power applied. The supplied halogen work light powers on automatically with any hopper movement. The hopper operating and home positions can be preset by the user; the hopper will move to the location and then stop automatically.

Controls and Work Light
Manual override controls and a halogen work light are mounted to the swing auger tube. Power is supplied by the tractor’s battery - no hydraulics are required.

The ergonomic remotes work in extreme weather, are small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, and are equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Functions include Left, Right, Home, Ops, Power, Winch Up, Winch Down.*

*Remote winch not available for 10" auger lines.

Electric Drive Motors
The electric drive motors are independently driven and mount to the hopper body in the same manner as our proven hydraulic movers. There is no need to make adjustments over varying terrain as the tires will float with the self-leveling hopper.

A proximity sensor on the top of the swing auger allows preset hopper positioning in the ”Ops“ and ”Home“ positions. One press of the button deploys the hopper to your desired location automatically.