The 360 can clean up to 1000 bushels per hour and the two-stage screening system ensures that most of the dockage is removed. The screenings are discharged onto the ground while cleaned grain is distributed through a built-in chute for convenient loading. The pulleys and adjustable mounts on the 360 are designed to fit most 1-horsepower motors. Lightweight and compact, the 360 is available with an optional 6" intake auger for easy loading.

The higher capacity model 480 cleans up to 2500 bushels per hour, depending on moisture content and the amount of dockage. The two-stage screening process and large 48" diameter drum ensures the trash and fines are thoroughly removed from grain. Powered by a 3-horsepower motor, the 480 includes an optional removable intake auger and a hand-operated jack for in-field operation. Fines are separated from larger screenings and are unloaded from separate chutes. An optional trash pan is available for collecting screenings. 15" wheels and a full frame transport are included.