The self-leveling Bolt-on Hopper adds versatility and convenience to your Farm King auger by giving you a powered intake hopper. The hopper is powered by the rotation of the existing auger core - no new drive mechanisms are needed. With a total reach now extended to approximately 108", this hopper allows you to cleanly collect the discharge of gravity wagons, grain carts, hopper bottom bins, grain trucks, highway grain trailers and more with no spillage, and no need to wrestle with removable hoppers.

Model 8" 10"
Hopper dimensions 32" x 36" 32" x 36"
Height, to top of steel 10" 10"
Height, to top of rubber 14" 14"
Caster jack lift capacity 2000 lb 2000 lb
Reach 108" 108"
Capacity 2800 bu/hr 3800 bu/hr
Weight 200 lb 200 lb


An optional hand-crank caster jack allows you to lift the intake hopper with ease, and maneuver the auger intake into position with minimal effort.
The hopper has a transport stabilizing bar and hitch for quick transport setup without the need to remove the hopper itself. A rubber skirt helps reduce grain spillage.
A continuous velocity joint connects the hopper flighting to the main auger flighting, allowing the hopper to be powered with no new power source or hydraulic systems.


Model 8" Date Posted
Operator and Parts Manual - 2012 February 2013
Model 10" Date Posted
Operator and Parts Manual - 2012 February 2013
Model 12" Date Posted
Operator and Parts Manual - 2012 May 2013