Farm King has a redesigned mover system that compliments the 8” & 10” diameter x 41’, 51’ & 61’ length CX2 augers. Newly engineered Motor Drive Mechanism has a bigger sprocket and ring gear on the wheel assembly.  The fuel tank with gauge has been relocated for easier access for filling.  The control console has better ergonomic hand bars as well the added features of working light & electric clutch toggle switches.  Clear visual instruction decal is provided for the operator on the surface of the console.

The console is placed at the ideal height for operator safety and control.  The pivot wheel is able to lock into place which provides the operator with easier steering once the auger is lined up to the bin. The transport safety chain has been modified for ease of hookup.

Farmers that are looking for ease and simplicity when moving their conventional augers around the yard site and from bin to bin, this mover is ideal for you.

Pivot wheel tire size ~ 19" diameter
Hydraulic cylinder size 2" diameter
Hydraulic tank volume 6 gal
Weight 1,723 lb


  • Power steering
  • Central control location
  • Mover mounts to undercarriage only
  • Rear wheel lifts for eay transport
The auger mover controls are located near the engine controls, allowing for one location control. The belt guarding doubles as the engine leveling device, which keeps the belts at the same tension in any auger position.
The unique caster wheel design and independently powered drive wheels allow an extremely short turn radius. The intake end scissor lift allows a wide range of vertical motion and tucks up under the auger tube for easy transport.
The engine mount plate has no moving parts for ease of set up. The engine drive sheave is now standard equipment. The drive belts are engaged via a newly designed lever accessible from the auger and engine control location.


CX2 Series Conventional Auger Mover Date Posted
Operator and Parts 2020 September 2020
Operator and Parts 2017 May 2018