REMOTE SWING-AUGER Electric / Hydraulic
10", 13", 16" models

The new line of electric power movers from Farm King allows remote positioning of the swing auger hopper and remote operation of the swing transport hoist.

The system is 100% electric and with no hydraulic flow required the hoppers can be positioned for use or lifted into transport position without the need to start and idle the tractor first. The remote boasts a range of 300+ feet, and can operate in extreme weather, heat and cold. The mover’s drive motors mount to the hopper body itself, putting the weight of the self-leveling hopper and the grain on the tires for excellent traction. Each drive motor is independently driven so both tires will always have equal power applied. The supplied halogen work light powers on automatically with any hopper movement. The hopper operating and home positions can be preset by the user; the hopper will move to the location and then stop automatically.

Model Hydraulic Electric
Transmitter Range 300 ft 300 ft
Remote Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C -40°C to +85°C
Remote Weather Rating   IP66
Remote Battery Life   up to 40 hours continuous use
Drive Motor Torque   334 inch-lb
Swing Hoist Certified Lift Capacity   800 lb

Electric Kit Features

A proximity sensor on the top of the swing auger allows preset hopper positioning in the "Ops" and "Home" positions. One press of the button deploys the hopper to your desired location automatically.
The electric drive motors are independently driven and mount to the hopper body in the same manner as our proven hydraulic movers. There is no need to make adjustments over varying terrain as the tires will float with the self-leveling hopper.
The ergonomic remote works in extreme weather, is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, and is equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Functions include Left, Right, Home, Ops, Power, Winch Up, Winch Down.
Manual override controls and a halogen work light are mounted to the swing auger tube. Power is supplied by the tractor's battery - no hydraulics are required.

Hydraulic Kit Features

The remote control kits allow smooth positioning of the swing hopper from up to 400 ft away. The electronics are encoded to each remote and are highly resistant to radio interference. If you need to replace or want to add another remote, the remotes can be re-programmed on the farm in seconds. A rechargeable lithium ion battery allows up to 40 hours of continuous remote control use before recharging on a micro-b USB cable or the provided cigarette charger. The system can operate in extreme cold and heat and is IP66 rated weather and dust proof.
The receiver/manifold mounts onto the swing auger’s tube, and in addition to controlling the hydraulic flow, it also features a halogen work light to illuminate the hopper and surrounding area. The manifold itself is made from anodized aluminum for a long lasting finish. A hydraulic system type selector switch on the rear of the unit allows immediate accommodation of either open or closed hydraulic systems allowing compatibility with any tractor hydraulic system. There is also a manual mover switch in case you misplace the remote.
Remote Control Features FARM KING - Electric Kit FARM KING - Hydraulic Kit Competitor Electric Kit Farm King Kit Feature Explanation
Range of over 300 ft   Farm King boasts one of the best remote control range in the industry - up to 400 feet in clear sight lines!
Waterproof/dust proof The remote is IP66 dust and weather proof.
Extreme temperature operating range   The remote is capable of working between -40°C and +85°C.
Rechargeable Li-ion battery   One charge gives you up to 40 hours of continuous remote use - that's 40 hours of holding down a button. Since the average user will only hold down the buttons for about a minute per truck, that effectively gives you enough power to last the harvest season. If needed, the remote charges via a micro-B USB port, and a vehicle plug charger is included.
"Smart Remote" 2-way communication alert   The Farm King remote "talks" to the base unit on the auger, and if there is a fault or if there is no power, the remote LED will flash to warn you. Example: if power is gone, the remote's green LED will start to flash slowly - when power is restored, the LED starts to flash rapidly.
Power On/Off Depends on brand When the remote is powered off, the mover can only be moved with the manual switches on the swing tube - this serves as a safety feature to discourage accidental movement of the hopper - "pocket dialing" the auger can't happen if you power down the remote.
Fits in shirt pocket Depends on brand Some competitor remotes are small, similar to key fobs used on car keys. However, those styles of remotes are not always dust and weather proof, and are sometimes so small and smooth that they are difficult to grasp. Other styles use a large industrial sized remote which will never fit in a pocket, and would likely require two hands to operate. The Farm King remote is thin enough to fit in your shirt pocket and to operate with one hand. It also has a contoured rubber grip along the outside edge to help the user grasp and hold the remote still. If desired, it can have a lanyard attached to it. It is industrial-quality electronics, yet in a convenient size.
Hopper Mover Features        
Drive tires on hopper body Depends on brand Having the drive tires mounted to the hopper ensures the weight of the hopper and grain is lending traction to the drive tires all the time. The tires will always carry the weight, even over rough terrain or as the hopper flexes and "self-levels" without the need to manually adjust down pressure with a jack.
Auto-positioning system Farm King electric movers are equipped with an auto positioning system, where the user can press the "Ops" button and deploy the hopper to a preset location for unloading. The "Home" button returns it to a home/transport location. The exact position stops are fully adjustable. The Farm King system uses an electronic proximity sensor (touch-less), and is designed for easy integration to all 2014 augers - only 4 carriage bolts are needed to install the sensor rail.
Auto time-out on motor drives   The Farm King electric mover systems have a degree of intelligence designed into them. If for some reason , the hopper is prevented from reaching it's Home or Ops positions in a certain time, the electronics will "time out" and shut down the motors so they don't burn out or drain the tractor battery. The system is also protected by a fuse and resettable breaker.
Other Features        
Automatic or remote work light   With the Farm King electric mover, when the remote is powered on, the halogen work light on the swing tube will activate , giving the user the ability to position the hopper from the truck even at night, without the need to get out of the cab. When the "Home" function is used to send the hopper away from the truck, the driver can simply drive away - the halogen light will turn itself off after a set time. Other units may have a light, but the function is not always tied into the remote control.
Available remote winch control Farm King offers a mover/winch combination kit for many of our augers, where both the mover and winch are electrically powered and controlled by the remote control. This allows the user to lower or raise the hopper into transport position from the seat of the tractor, or near the hopper to help guide it into position.


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Assembly Instruction Manual September 2015
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Assembly Instruction Manual September 2015
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Operator and Parts 2013 July 2013
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